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Your circumstances have changed and you’re considering breaking your lease, but where do you start and what are the consequences? The first step is to read and understand your apartment lease. A lease is a contract that is legally binding. If you decide to end your lease, you will have to pay a fee that was agreed upon when you first signed the lease. We look at the consequences of breaking a lease on your apartment.

What is a Lease?

“The lease is the contract signed by the tenant and the landlord. The agreement indicates the amount for rent, monthly…

What many people don’t realize is that Section 8 encompasses an entire housing program at the federal level. Part of Section 8 is the housing voucher program. Its purpose is to make affordable and safe housing available to low income and below-the poverty line households.

Over the last 10 years, the housing voucher program has undergone several changes to accommodate low income families n changing markets and increased housing demands. For households who were previously unable to access housing in decent neighborhoods, these programs have made a significant difference to their lives including their futures.

How to Qualify for Section…

Should I Rent a Condo or an Apartment?

One of the most popular rental questions is whether it is better to rent an apartment or a condominium. Condos have long been associated with value and luxury offering more than the basic amenities you’d find in an apartment. But what does value mean and how do I know which rental is right for me?

To help you with affordability, safety, and comfort, let’s compare the features, costs, and lifestyles for condos versus apartments.


The first thing you should think about when comparing condos to apartments is how much rent you’ll…

If you live in an apartment or a small home and you want to create your very own garden, the planter box is one of the easiest ways to do this. We look at how you can use a wood pallet to make a DIY planter box.

Small spaces don’t mean that you can’t have your own garden! The planter box is one of the easiest and affordable ways you can enjoy beautiful flowers in spring or your very own herb garden without having the outdoor space to achieve this.

In the following blog, we provide step-by-step instructions for erecting…

Moving out needs a plan

In a time where life is filled with uncertainty, one thing’s for sure, you want to move out of your parent’s house and gain your independence, but how much do you need to save and where do you start?

Moving out of your parent’s home is all about achieving financial freedom. We take a closer look at what you need to do before you take on a new rental!

Can You Afford It?

To ensure you can move out with confidence and not find yourself having to move back to your parents, you need to do some financial planning. This…

When I first moved into my apartment, I was looking at beige walls and floors. Don’t get me wrong, I was chuffed that I had my own place but I wanted to feel excited when I walked into the room.

You know when it comes to decorating a rented apartment, you’re pretty limited on options because you can’t make any permanent changes. My idea was this, if I can’t add floating shelves or paint the walls, how can I temporarily create a space that would allow me to decorate my apartment without risking my security deposit?

I used social media…

You need a place to rent but your future landlord keeps rejecting your application. How do you get approved for an apartment when you have bad credit?

How to Get Approved to Rent an Apartment

Credit reflects our financial standing and history. It is an indication of our spending habits, our debt management, and how we can afford future expenditures. Because taking on an apartment lease is a monthly financial obligation, your future landlord will use your credit score as a reflection of your financial practices.

Why is My Application Denied if I Have a Good Income and Bad Credit?

When you apply to a traditional apartment, and…

Renting an apartment can be met with many surprises whether you are a seasoned or a first-time renter! My goal is to share my story and to help you avoid the costly and downright frustrating events when you find a place to rent.

So the time came to leave the nest and find a spot of my own. I was out of college and landed my first real job. The pay was fair and after a few months of saving, I decided to look for an apartment.

I grabbed my notebook and started my search for an apartment to rent…

The dream of the white picket fence and owning your very own home can become a reality if you know where to start.

Have you looked at your finances and thought, “will I ever get there?” We all have goals and dreams but money matters can hold us back, especially when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Let’s also not mention the unexpected losses of COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy. But if I told you that you could buy a house making $12 to $16 an hour, would you believe me?

Is It a Good Idea to Buy…

When your landlord requests a security deposit, here’s what you need to know…

What is a Security Deposit?

The security deposit is a sum determined by the landlord that a tenant must pay to cover any property damages that may occur for the duration of the lease. If you damage the carpet or leave holes in the walls at the end of the lease, the landlord doesn't have to refund the deposit because you haven’t returned the apartment to its original condition. They will use the deposit to cover the costs for repairs.

Why You Need You Understand Your Security…


Inspired by interior decorating and affordable housing, I love to share my views on apartment living. Content creator and supporter of the underdog.

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