Can I Rent an Apartment On Minimum Wage?

When you earn a low income, trying to make ends meet can be challenging even at the best of times. With rent skyrocketing across the country, how can you afford to keep a roof over your head, and more importantly, can you rent a regular apartment on your earnings?

In the US, the minimum wage according to the Federal Government is $7.25 per hour but this figure also differs according to the state that you live in. In California for example, the minimum wage is set at $15 per hour compared to the $10.50 per hour issued in Delaware and $14.49 paid per hour in Washington.

Sadly, the minimum wage in the country is no longer considered a liveable wage. Because employers have failed to increase wages over the last few years and the federal government has not changed the wage requirements in response to changing economies. This has left many states still able to pay low-income earners the basic wage per hour despite the rising cost of living.

Finding ways to save could change your life

If you earn a minimum wage of below $10 per hour, it is incredibly hard to rent an apartment. The best option is to seek affordable housing or low-cost housing. These rental units cater specifically to the financial needs of low-wage earners by offering low monthly rent and reduced security deposits. Let’s look into affordable housing options and who qualifies for these rentals.

Why Affordable Housing?

Many people who earn below-average wages are hesitant to pursue affordable housing. They would rather spend the majority of their income on traditional one-bedroom apartments in the city because of the stereotype associated with such rentals.

Affordable housing has assisted many families

Unfortunately, rentals such as public housing and section 8 were first developed to address the living needs of low-income earners. Over time, these units were associated with poor maintenance and developments in high crime areas leading to their association with drugs, crime, and poverty. Today, this stereotype still exists but with more private developers coming on board to invest in low-cost housing, better housing at affordable rates is available.

Many move to the US in search of a better life

For eligible non-citizens who have immigrated to the US, many typically earn at or just above minimum wage for years. This makes it challenging to find stable and affordable housing. The good news is that many immigrants, including children, can qualify for federal government housing including public housing and section 8.

Can You Rent an Apartment on a Low Wage?

Yes, you can rent on a low income but you will be restricted in terms of the types of rentals you qualify for.

You will have access to affordable housing and if you want a decent place to stay in, you can find it with some research into different states, cities, and communities.

It is important to have the necessary documents for affordable housing and that includes a social security number which can be a problem for non-citizens.

For those who need affordability but have bad credit, debt, or a history of eviction, consider second chance apartments that won’t turn you away because of a negative financial or rental history. An example includes the second chance apartments offered by Apartments Near Me in Tennessee. You can find secure one, two, and three-bedroom apartments with fully renovated interiors and access to amenities including play areas for kids and swimming pools.

The purpose of renting a low-cost home is to have more money in your pocket at the end of the day. The more you have, the more you can save, and if you’re a reliable tenant, you’ll secure your home for many years. This also means avoiding ending up on the street.

With some time and awareness of housing available to you, it is easier to make life-changing decisions with a positive outcome.




Inspired by interior decorating and affordable housing, I love to share my views on apartment living. Content creator and supporter of the underdog.

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Inspired by interior decorating and affordable housing, I love to share my views on apartment living. Content creator and supporter of the underdog.

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