Is It Possible to Find Attractive and Affordable Apartments to Rent

In today’s tough economic climate, we’re all looking for ways to save money. You might rethink getting a new pair of shoes or you might hold back on a new headset but where you can really save is with affordable rent.

Since 2020, people are spending more than half their salary on monthly rent. According to the government, you shouldn’t be spending more than 30% of your income on your rent for it to be considered affordable. So why are people spending so much and how can you find a low cost apartment to rent that you actually like?

People are spending more on rent because they believe that they can’t find something that they like or that they’re looking for at a lower price. When they hear the words “affordable housing” the first thing that comes to mind is cramped spaces with little maintenance or in undesirable neighborhoods. The truth is that if you actually took some time to look into the industry, you would find some really great properties in exciting communities and at a fraction of your current rent.

While affordability does mean that you’ll need to make some sacrifices which could be moving from a 3 bedroom to a two bedroom apartment, or opting for a smaller bathroom, the savings at the end of the day could be immense.

Where to Find New and Affordable Homes?

You can find low rental rates across the country but the secret to the success of your search is to look at new property developments. One such company is ApartmentsNearMe and they have taken the initiative to create modern and fully renovated apartment and ground floor homes for their residents with emphasis on community, safety, and creating a lifestyle for all. Plus, these properties are only a 10-minute drive from the city making it easy to travel.

If you look at upcoming property developments, it becomes easier to look at places to rent below $1000 per month and that is located in fairly decent areas or neighborhoods. The only real sacrifices that you’d be making are the size of the unit itself and perhaps a few minutes drive from the city rather than living in the heart of the city itself. And who knows, once you’ve saved enough and you’re on the right track you could move into the apartment of your dreams with some extra cash to spare.

With some time, you’re sure to find a cozy place to call home.




Inspired by interior decorating and affordable housing, I love to share my views on apartment living. Content creator and supporter of the underdog.

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Inspired by interior decorating and affordable housing, I love to share my views on apartment living. Content creator and supporter of the underdog.

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