Time to Move Into My New Apartment

What I Learned Moving Into My First Rental

Woven heart decoration and a home sign next to each other on a wood desk
There’s No Place Like Home

The day arrived to move into my new apartment and I can tell you that after months of washing my roommate’s dirty dishes and waking up to monstrous snoring, I couldn’t have been more excited. A place to call MY OWN was finally a reality but not without some planning and much-needed preparation. It’s not as straightforward as packing your valuables and moving in. I had to ensure that any utilities or rent I owed were settled (believe me, you don’t want to move out without settling these first! It could negatively affect your credit). Once I had arranged a move out date with the former landlord, it was time to get to work!

Now looking for a moving company can be a tricky thing if you’ve never used one before. Along with packing your goods, you never want your valuables to get damaged or end up making a trip to another address, permanently! So, I went online and did some investigating. Along with the reliability of the mover, I needed a service I could afford. As I didn’t have too much furniture, a lot of the smaller items including my clothing I packed into bags and into my car. I also got a few friends to help out on the day. I suggest packing your important accessories, heirlooms, and even jewelry in bags or small boxes and personally transporting these goods to your new place.

Picking a Moving Company

Your mover should have references you can contact to help you learn of their service standards. You can also call a few different moving companies to compare prices. This way you can determine fair quotes and not be over-charged!

Time to Pack

Once I had organized a moving service, it was time to pack. It’s easy to get a couple of cardboard boxes and just start tossing things in, which I did, but when it got to unpacking I had no clue which box belonged where! I suggest creating a list and labeling every box according to the items in it and the room. So start with a few boxes for the kitchen and include the labels such as cups, glasses, and cutlery. You can also have your movers pack your belongings for you but it comes at an extra cost. If you start early enough and ask friends and family for help, you can easily have your belongings organized by the day of the move.

My apartment was on the top floor…..

If you move into an upper floor apartment, you have to book stair time! You can arrange a move in time during the week when most people are at work is most convenient as you can avoid the traffic up and down the stairs. Be considerate of your new neighbors, you certainly don’t want to start with a negative impression.

The apartment I moved into was quite small, so to make things easier to move around, I had to think of creating storage. You can find a lot of information online! I really enjoyed a blog about increasing apartment storage by Apartments Near Me. I could choose my furniture on a budget and maximize my space! Now just for the decorating… stay tuned.